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Sep 20, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. some of them have washed out. some of them haven't. and -- it's nasty. >> ann coulter calls herself the conservative ayatollah faults o'reilly for not being opinionated enough. >> bill o'reilly is not opinion ated? >> not a partisan side. believes in global warming, for gun control, loves obama. he has the opinion he is the world's greatest journalist. he is not opinioned on the conservative side and he would agree with that assessment. >> look, president obama is not a man. he is not a communist. he doesn't want to hurt the nation. he wasn't born in kenya. he is not, all these things that a lot of the people on the right, far right are trying to sell. he is not. he is a committed liberal guy who believes that big government can impose social justice. do i believe that? no. but i don't dislike him or disrespect him for his sincerely held beliefs. that's what the difference between what i do and what these other guys do, the demagogues. >> talk about the impact of that on our political process? >> it coarsens it and then makes it acceptable to lodge charge that you have no ba
Sep 20, 2012 10:00pm EDT
will. >> reporter: smart, stubborn and ideological opposites, bill mahr and ann coulter did sit down and demonstrated to,0 ed the to,00 trying to bridge the gap. >> you may have thought we were too liberal. >> yes, you still are. >> you have no idea what my thoughts are. all you know is what i am asking you. you may think we were too liberal. but we strove to keep at least a public objectivity. really did. >> right, the appearance of objectivity pushing a left wing agenda. i think it is the first time a lot of liberals have been able to hear conservatives or know what they think. >> vice versa. >> no, you can't get away from the liberal sound machine. always read "the new york times." >> the times, all things considered, the times its a pretty good newspaper. >> no! >> no? name a great news organization. >> fox news. >> the bifurcation is really extreme. i mean the left is for the left. the right is for the right. >> left is not further left. the left is further right. see this is the problem that the media makes. the left is not further left. the republicans keep staking out this a
Sep 21, 2012 9:00am PDT
gained ann coulter. >> yes. >> one of the qualities that ann singled out as being admirable is that romney is square. and she thinks we've had too much hipness, so that gives them -- >> well, i guess. >> that gives them their theme song. who's side of hughey lewis and the news. hip to be square. >> rolling calamity doesn't imply squareness. you think that as being a nebulous, hurricane like -- at any rate, maggie, i want to talk about ann romney. i thought that sound of late, as hastings pointed out in the break, ann romney was a secret weapon, used strategically and you can really sense her stress levels and anger at the way that her family has been treated, husband has been treated. i guess i guess how effective she is in those moments as a surrogate for mitt romney? >> i think she is reflecting the same way sununu is, the way we were discussing, there is a sense of frustration in the campaign. a lot of it gets directed at the press but the reality is they're frustrated because where they are, they are not in a position of strength, not a great three weeks, pretty bad three weeks
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)